Class 7

Physics Main Lesson: Mechanics

How do you lift and shift your teacher’s car – and get away with it? Even better, learn to do it with a single pair of hands! When Class 7 discovers their ‘super powers’ through using the six classical “simple machines” (lever & fulcrum, inclined plane, wedge, wheel & axle, pulley and screw), this is through much practical experience and quite a bit of fun. It was quite amazing for the students to see how heavy a load a long and strong lever – a wooden beam, to be precise – and a carefully placed fulcrum can raise of the ground, when pushed downwards by one single student. Each year, the Class 7 Physics mainlesson provides ample opportunity to explore the principles of mechanics such as this one: how a plank or a pulley make human work so much easier by reducing the effort needed to complete a task!

Science and technology met when the students were asked to collaborate on a machine of their choice. Imagination, creativity and innovation were challenged when the Class 7 students explored the practical application of the six machines for their projects.

tui-leah-keita                         willow-etc

Tui, Leah and Keita with their juice squeezer        Willow, Georgia and Amy with their balloon popper



c7                             connor


Sean and Mana with their crossbow                   Connor and Jacob with their pin-ball machine


Pulley in action