Class 3

House Building

One of our main lessons this year was an exploration into the many ways different cultures at different times have built homes to meet their particular environmental needs using local and abundant materials. The children began by learning about early cave dwellings before moving on to igloos, tepees, yurts, Bedouin tents, Adobe huts, and log cabins. The children were asked to creatively respond by designing and building their own model homes. The result was a wide variety of models each displaying the children’s appreciation of the building process as well as the unique qualities of the materials readily available. Some of the children chose to build an example of a home they learned about during the main lesson while other children made unique and novel shelters containing the necessary shelter-providing elements in their designs.

dscn19081 dscn19071  dscn19101 dscn1902 dscn1911

The children were very proud of their creations and were excited at the prospect of sharing them with the other classes, especially class 2 who will now have a sense for the possibilities and expectations for next year (as was the case for us the previous year). I hope you enjoy the children’s wonderful homes as much as they enjoyed making them.