Nursery & Playgroup

If a child has been able to play, to give up their whole living being to the world around, they will be able, in these serious tasks of later life, to devote themselves with confidence and purpose to the service of the world.  Rudolf Steiner

1455915_637915499593051_870171482_nWe provide a Waldorf Playgroup arising from the educational principles of Rudolf Steiner

  • To foster the child’s imagination
  • To provide an environment where parents and children feel welcome and can meet on a regular basis to get to know each other
  • To support parents to ‘network’ and gain information about children’s development and learning in their early years

If you are interested in our playgroups, please register our interest with Tash at Tash will contact you when a space for your child becomes available.

 The Structure of the Morning

The morning has a rhythm of coming together for group activities i.e. baking, morning tea, singing circle and story telling time, interspersed with free play. There is a balance between structured times and unstructured times in the morning rhythm which provides children with a sense of familiarity, safety and security.

We begin the morning by making organic buns together, which we bake and have with fruit for morning tea.  The parents and caregivers participate in making the buns along with their children.  This time around the table is an opportunity for parents to get to know each other and their children.  Singing our baking songs becomes a much enjoyed and anticipated activity for everyone.  The children are free to leave the baking when they wish and play with the ‘open ended’ toys provided.

There is plenty of scope for the children to play inside and outside. We use natural materials for construction of the toys i.e wood, shells, cotton cloths and wool. We believe in nurturing children’s  senses. Toys are as unformed as possible to allow scope for imaginative play. There are sandpits and wonderful outdoor areas in both locations. We occasionally have a seasonal art or craft activity.


Paekakariki: Monday 9.00am – 12.00pm          Raumati South: Thursday and Friday 9.00am – 12.00pm

What to bring?

  • $5 koha per family per session
  • Indoor and outdoor footwear
  • Hat (rain, hail or shine)
  • One piece of fruit to share
  • One flower

Beyond Playgroup

Parents may choose to send their child to Te Rawhiti nursery class when they are 3.   When they are nearly 4 they may be enrolled in one of the five Te Rawhiti Waldorf Kindergartens located in Paekakariki and Raumati South. Nursery is not a prerequisite for kindergarten. Whereas in playgroup the parents attend with their children, in Nursery  parents do not attend, and the children have a trained kindergarten teacher with them. There are a smaller number of children in a nursery class than in a kindergarten class and only 3 year olds attend this group. In Kindergarten there is a range of ages in each group, from nearly 4 to around 7. From Kindergarten, children may attend Te Ra Waldorf School in Raumati South which takes children through to Class 7 (Year 8).