All children are considered for enrolment, independent of religious, social or financial status of their parents if their level of commitment to our ‘Special Character’ is present.

If there are more children requesting to join our kindergartens and school than the spaces available, we consider children in the following priority order:

– Children of teachers at Te Ra Waldorf School

– Siblings of children already at school or kindergarten

– Transfers from other Waldorf school/kindergartens

– Time of enrolment on the waiting list

– Families moving to kindergarten for this education

Parents interested in the school should fill out the initial expression of interest form. They should also attend one of our monthly information afternoons, which consists of an introductory talk, a tour of the kindergarten and school and plenty of opportunity for questions. If the class appropriate for their child is still open for new enrolments, they will then be invited for an interview with the teacher to establish a consensus on the educational aims for the child and the child will be assessed for kindergarten or school readiness.

No child shall be enrolled at the kindergarten or school unless the parents of the child have established a clear connection with the ‘Special Character’ of the school. Members of the College of Teachers are responsible for enrolment and will, in conjunction with the class teacher, make the final decisions about enrolment.

Please make sure you have read about our ‘Special Character‘, particularly regarding screen viewing and electronic games.

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Express your interest in enrolment

Children start at Te Rāwhiti Kindergarten around the age of 4 and at Te Rā School around the age of 7. For enrolment at school, priority will be given to children coming from Te Rāwhiti Kindergarten or another Waldorf Kindergarten or School, to siblings of current students and to children of staff members. The enrolment process involves meetings with one of our co-principals and/or a class teacher and confirmation of enrolment is at the discretion of the school and kindergarten College group. Please make sure you have read about our ‘Special Character‘, particularly regarding screen viewing and electronic games.

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