Emergency information

Emergency information for Parents

What we do in an emergency


The alarms will be triggered, and the school children will be escorted from all classes to the top field. Kindergarten and Playgroup will be taken to the area beside Playgroup. We check all rooms, conduct a rollcall, and check for visitors. We then decide whether to evacuate the school.

Severe Earthquake:

The children may be assembled once the shaking stops, and the buildings inspected for damage. We will carefully evaluate immediate safety requirements while keeping in mind weather conditions and the level of emotional stress.


In the event of a tsunami warning we will follow the advice of Civil Defence. We are not in a tsunami zone, being protected by 2 large sand dunes to the west.

School Evacuation:

If we decide to evacuate the school, we will communicate with the listed caregivers by email, and text. In addition we will post messages on the Te Ra website and Facebook page. The children will assemble in the Hall and be released to caregivers at the main wooden gate

What you must do in an emergency:

  • Check your phone and emails and, the school website and Facebook page for messages.
  • If we ask you to collect your children, we will ensure they are ready to be released to you from the Hall
  • Please wait at the gate and your child will be called, signed out and released to you.
  • It is important you do not come into the school.
  • The steel gates may be closed so you will need to park across the road; this is to enable emergency vehicle access.
  • Please remember; It is essential that you keep the office to update with your contact details, especially email and cellphone numbers.