Cellphone policy

Cell phones may not be used by children in the school grounds.

If a parent needs their child to have a cell phone for communication outside of the school grounds, and outside school hours, a letter requesting this must be given to the office or the class teacher. The cell phone needs to be left in the office or with the class teacher before school begins, and can be collected at 3.00pm.

Any cell phone not left at the office or class teacher will be confiscated and needs to be collected from the office by the student’s parent or a designated adult. At this point a verbal warning will be given to the child. A second confiscation will result in a written warning. After a third confiscation we will meet with parents to discuss these continued breaches of policy.

Te Ra Waldorf School strongly advises against cell phone use by children under 14, which it should be noted is also in accordance with cell phone companies’ guidelines.

Cell phone use has been shown to have adverse health effects on growing children, and can cause severe social problems amongst peers.

Video and internet capability, along with games which can be played on cell phones, means that their use may be in conflict with our ‘Special Character’ standpoint on screen exposure and electronic media.